Website Performance Audit

Is your website operating at it’s full potential?

As your digital storefront and integral part of your marketing strategy; making sure your website is fast, secure, optimized and  easy to navigate with captivating content is essential to your business’s online presence.

Size matters in websites – the smaller and compact the images, the quicker they load for your visitors. Same with standardized fonts.

Timing is important as well. Too many items trying to load at the same time will slow your site down.

 You build brand trust for easy usability which in turns creates loyal, return customers.

Audit Process

Captain: I’ve giv’n her all I’ve got!Mr Scott,USS Enterprise 1701.


I perform an in-depth analysis of your website – looking at your hosting, page memory size, security, theme, page builder, plug-ins, fonts, images, and videos (all your back end stuff). See what you are “running under the hood”.


I go page by page, link by link “kicking the tires” so to speak, making sure everything goes where it is supposed to. I am also looking for continuity of font styles, page layouts, clearly defined reading flow, and call to actions.


Your detailed report is broken down into 3 sections (Critical/Urgent – Red), Areas to improve (speed, optimization, broken links – Yellow) and Good to Go (image/video compression, caching, content length, keywords – Green). Very Important! I do not exaggerate or try to inflate non existent issues to sell a VIP slot. I recommend products and companies that I have personally developed with and trust, I may receive a small commission, however that does not influence my guidance.