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The Need for Speed

Why Loading Speed is Critical ?

Having good hosting , an updated WordPress core, theme, the minimum amount of required plugins necessary for your specific type of website, plus optimized content increases your website load speed which helps your visitors experience with your website.

The average web user’s attention span is approximately 4 to 6 seconds. If your website is taking longer than 7 seconds to load, chances are your visitor is about to hit that back button and find another website that loads faster.

Never mind that you had the perfect solution to their problem – they have no patience to wait and you just lost the sale because your awesome graphics and videos file sizes are so large, they take forever to load.

Website performance optimization is usually the last thing designers and website owners think about. More focus is placed on the aesthetics of the website for visual presentation and usability with e-comm, newsletter signup integrations, appointment setting, etc. Your website designer is well experienced in putting together the right components to get your site up and running the way you need it to but then what?

Knowing how to keep your website running at it’s optimal level is not difficult. It is a bit time consuming, but the results are well worth the investment.

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