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Maintenance: The required upkeep necessary to keep systems running smoothly.

Performance Upgrades

Is your website operating at it’s full potential? As your digital storefront and integral part of your marketing strategy; making sure your website is fast, secure, optimized and  easy to navigate with captivating content is essential to your business’s online presence.

Size matters in websites – the smaller and compact the images, the quicker they load for your visitors. Same with standardized fonts.

Timing is important as well. Too many items trying to load at the same time will slow your site down.

 You build brand trust for easy usability which in turns creates loyal, return customers.

Website Maintenance

Your website is like a car. Regular oil changes and preventative maintenance keeps it running to it’s best ability. You will take it to a mechanic to fix it when it breaks. Same idea with your website.

Keeping up with all the updates (WordPress had 8 in 2020 alone) and when it’s safe to install is important. If not managed properly, your website could become unstable or damaged.

Like car insurance for accidents, backing up your website regularly ensures your content is not lost in worst case scenarios.

Performance and security monitoring are vital to your website’s online presence.